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At PetroSharp, we combine multidisciplinary approaches. Geology is used as a basic tool for carrying field studies utilizing remote sensing techniques for surface exposures and geophysical techniques for subsurface successions.
Petroleum geology and engineering combined with reservoir and chemical engineering techniques are used for field development. All branches are backed by the physical and mathematical laws. We accomplish our goals efficiently to discover, recover and develop oil targets. We use commercial state-of-the-art packages along with our in-house packages to accomplish our goals.
We prepare high-quality static models of petroleum reservoirs that include highly-complicated fault & fracture systems. Evaluate the model and run dynamic modeling of both conventional & naturally-fractured petroleum reservoirs.

Unit Conversion Software

PetroSharp BigDecimal Unit Converter

The converter has been designed by staff of PetroSharp (www.petrosharp.com). It includes two dynamic link libraries (DLL); which are properties of PetroSharp. The BigDecimal Library™; ...

Unknown Composition
Oil Module

Unknown Composition Oil Module

The Unknown Composition Oil object calculates the physical properties of a petroleum reservoir oil sample solely from its specific gravity and bubble-point pressure. The object does not make ...

Unknown Composition
Gas Module

Unknown Composition Gas Module

The Unknown Composition Gas object calculates the physical properties of a petroleum gas mixture solely from its specific gravity. The object does not make any check for temperature and pressure ranges ...

Latest News - Oil & Gas

Exploration and Development

  • Baker Hughes: US rig count gains 6 units to 990

    The US drilling rig count gained 6 units to 990 working during the week ended Mar. 16, data from Baker Hughes indicate. This total is up 201 units from a year ago.

  • Oil field in Philippines called commercial

    The Philippines Department of Energy and privately held China International Mining Petroleum Co. Ltd. have declared an oil and gas discovery on southern Cebu Island commercial. 

  • SDX reports West Gharib discovery, Egypt

    SDX Energy Inc. encountered 151 ft of net heavy oil pay across the Lower Miocene age Yusr and Bakr formations, with an average porosity of 18%. The Rabul 5 well is first of two development wells the company is drilling in the West Gharib concession in Egypt this year. 

  • Woodside enters into deal to operate Scarborough gas field

    Woodside Petroleum Ltd., Perth, signed an agreement with BHP Billiton Ltd. in which BHPB has waived its right of preemption and provides its consent to the sale to Woodside by ExxonMobil Corp. of ExxonMobil’s 50% interest in retention lease WA-1-R and the Scarborough Joint Venture Operating Agreement.

  • Eni strikes deals for concessions off Abu Dhabi

    Eni SPA has signed two concession agreements to establish a long-term presence in the UAE.

Drilling and Production

Drilling and Production News

  • Baker Hughes: US rig count gains 6 units to 990

    The US drilling rig count gained 6 units to 990 working during the week ended Mar. 16, data from Baker Hughes indicate. This total is up 201 units from a year ago.

  • OMV to acquire Shell’s upstream business in New Zealand

    OMV AG, Vienna, reported it would acquire from Royal Dutch Shell PLC the supermajor’s upstream assets in New Zealand for $578 million. The deal adds recoverable resources of as much as 100 million boe to OMV’s portfolio, the company said.

  • Pioneer to restart Texas field shut by fire

    Pioneer Natural Resources Co. expects production to restart at diminished rates by early April from its portion of West Panhandle gas field in Texas, which it shut in Mar. 6 after a fire heavily damaged a compressor station. The fire was contained within the station and caused no injuries. 

  • Statoil charts next development phase to feed Hammerfest LNG plant

    Statoil AS and its partners have committed 5 billion kroner and started work on the next steps in the development of Snohvit field in the Barents Sea. Development of Askeladd field is the second phase of the multiphased Snohvit development, which will provide feedstock for the LNG plant at Melkoya in Hammerfest.

  • US sanctions on Venezuela could backfire, speakers warn at forum

    Conditions in Venezuela have deteriorated under the Maduro regime to a point where other countries are beginning to consider ways to intervene and rescue the country’s citizens who haven’t fled already, speakers suggested during a Mar. 13 discussion at the Atlantic Council.

Red Sea Studies


The Red Sea is a seawater inlet of the Indian Ocean, lying between Africa and Asia. The connection to the ocean is in the south through the Bab el Mandeb strait and the Gulf of Aden. In the north, there is the Sinai Peninsula, the Gulf of Aqaba, ...

Petroleum Reserves

Petroleum is the world's major source of energy and is a key factor in the continued development of the world's economies. Therefore, it is essential for the countries future planning to have a clear assessment of their petroleum reserves ...

Field Development Plans

Field Development Planning has been prevalent in the Petroleum Industry since the first development projects. Uncertainty in crude prices, advancements in technology and the decreased quality of newly discovered reservoirs; means that field development plans now involve much greater detail ...

PetroSharp in Deep

  • Bio Stratigraphy

    The goal of biostratigraphy is to use fossil occurrences within the rock record to establish correlations between time-equivalent rock strata as determined by the presence of a particular fossil species ...

    Fault Seal Analysis

    Dry Holes (Leaking faults can bleed a trap dry). Dry Holes (Faults can create empty reservoirs & empty compartments within the producing field). Dry Holes (Sealing faults can keep a trap from being charged) ...

    Petroleum Systems

    Petroleum System consists of a mature source rock, migration pathway, reservoir rock, trap and seal. Appropriate relative timing of formation of these elements and the processes of generation, ...

    Core Analysis

    Core-based measurements offer the most tangible and direct means of determining critical reservoir parameters. Core analysis can play a vital role in field equity or unitization and is often considered to be the ground truth ...
  • Reservoir Characterisation

    A model of a reservoir that incorporates all the characteristics of the reservoir that are pertinent to its ability to store hydrocarbons and also to produce them. Reservoir characterization models ...

    Reservoir Engineering

    Applies scientific principles to the drainage problems arising during the development and production of oil and gas reservoirs so as to obtain a high economic recovery ...

    Average Evaluation

    Exploration, production and average evaluation includes review and validating existing data (Geophysical, geological, geochemical, engineering and production data) ...

    Sequence Stratigraphy

    The study of stratigraphic sequences, defined as stratigraphic units bounded by unconformities. With improvements in the acquisition and processing of reflection-seismic data by petroleum exploration companies ...
  • Field Development Plans

    Field Development Planning has been prevalent in the Petroleum Industry since the first development projects. Uncertainty in crude prices ...

    Volumetric & Ranking

    Volumertics, Risking and ranking includes Play and prospect analysis, Complex trap Volumertics, Detailed geological risking, Geostatistics and Heterogeneity Modeling, 3-D Geocelular Static Model ...

    Res Sea: Source Rock

    In petroleum geology, source rock refers to rocks from which hydrocarbons have been generated or are capable of being generated. They form one of the necessary elements of a working petroleum system ...

    Dynamic Modeling

    The most widespread source for subsurface data is 2-D and, increasingly, 3-D seismic. Data related to boreholes - such as well logs and rock samples - provide crucial complementary and calibration parameters ...

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